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Client Friendly

As much as building a place where providers can benefit we have built an environment where clients also have a voice. Where they can engage, follow and interact with their favourite escorts 


Escort Friendly

A group of sex workers from multiple countries who have come together to build a place where providers can grow and strengthen their business while making meaningful connections through work


Taking Back Control

Providing Something Different


We are a group of service providers from all corners of the globe who thought the escort industry was lacking. It is an all to common theme these days that sex workers are discriminated against for their choice of careers. Facebook, Twitter and even Onlyfan's are some of the top social media platforms that have persecuted workers in the adult industry. With over 25 years in the sex industry and many other skills from graphic design, web development, and advertising we decided to take a stance against these giants. 

This is where PlayLuxx was born. PlayLuxx is an escort directory with some social media kinks. Like all the other social media platforms here you can also send friend requests, update your status on your profile, and follow other users. You can advertise your domestic and international tours, sell items in our marketplace and post all your media content. PlayLuxx is everything you need to work in the adult industry in one place.

Friendly Environment

Right now our website is completely free for all advertisers and client members. We understand that we need to prove to our members that our platform is beneficial to your business and that you are getting a strong return on advertising costs. Until we can prove this there will be zero costs to any members on your platform 

Our goal is to start big and grow bigger! We have an endless amount of ideas and possible ventures on our minds. As our platform grows in size we will be listening to all your ideas and suggestions. If there is something that is missing or needs amended we will make it happen. We are here to grow bigger and stronger together

We are a team of sex workers who came together to build a place where providers are well looked after & treated fairly. We want to be an advocate for the sex industry by supporting workers from all corners of the globe, by ending discrimination and fighting for our rights that we are challenged on everyday

We aim to become the worlds largest escort platform and plan to do this by meeting all your business & social needs in the one place. We have built a professional advertising platform with all the functionality of social media to help you better connect with clients and make new friendships along the way