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We are very happy to announce the opening of our international escort directory. After a long time in the planning and 1.5 years of development, our new community for adults is finally finished. While it's true there is no shortage of escort websites, we are confident that you will not find a bigger and more comprehensive platform than Playluxx.

We have built an impressive platform that is not just very modern but is jam-packed with the tools and resources you need to promote yourself and grow your business. Our platform has all the expected features such as tours, rates, blogs, and photos. Where we stand out is you can post live updates, video logs, and stories. Clients can send friend requests and engage with your updates just like FB & Twitter.

International Escort Directory

Our team of tech wizards had big visions, they wanted to overhaul the old and boring perception of what an escort website can do. We wanted to develop a professional advertising platform and merge that into a social media site like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and we are super excited to be able to announce that this is exactly what we have done. Here you can post live updates on your profile like Twitter,  client and escort members can send you friend requests like Facebook and you can post images like Instagram. While all this is happening users can get updates on your new tours, rate changes, new photos, and many other things. You can post blogs and vlogs and other members can get notifications and reply to your content. All this and more is what makes Playluxx, unlike any other platform.

A Place for Everyone

As sadly familiar as it is, we live in a world of discrimination, judgement, and racism. It happens so often that one's eyes do not see it, and one's ears do not hear it. There are few industries out there today that would rival the constant judgement and negative publicity that the adult industry gets on a daily basis. We strongly believe in everyone's right to free choice, to choose their sexuality, their preference in a partner, and to express their feelings to the world without hate or judgement.  

Playluxx is a platform that welcomes escorts from all countries regardless of your pronoun. We have built out sections for straight men, gay men, women, and transsexual escorts. We are a community that will support you on your journey and will help put an end to discrimination and ill judgement toward the adult industry.  

Some of Our Exciting Features

We are your central hub for everything adult!

  • Write Blogs

  • Post Tours

  • Live Updates

  • Sell items

  • Add Friends

  • Notifications

Acceptable Photography

Selfies in Selfie Gallery Only

Genitals must not be shown

No Text or Icons on Images

High Quality Images Only

Professional Photography

High Resolution Images Only

Become Part Of Something Amazing

Thank you for your interest in signing up to Playluxx. We are a platform that invites everyone to advertise with us no matter where you fall in the industry. Noting that, we have strict guidelines on accepting advertising requests. Your photography must be professional, which means taken by a professional photographer. Once you have completed your profile, in full, you can submit your profile to the admin for a verification check. We 'will not' accept camera phones or low-quality photos. All profile sections must be filled in, we can not accept profiles that contain no info about you. 

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